“Globesailors” we are people who live on a boat and our main objective is to know the world by sailing. We have planned this trip for several years, is now our lifestyle, we left everything we had on land and we started from scratch to live this nomadic life at sea.


Hi, I’m Stefan, I was born on April 26, 1969, in a small town called Schweinfurt in Germany.

All my life I’ve watched nature and adventure TV shows. I closed my eyes and dreamt of visiting all these exotic places around the world. at the age of 15 I began studying to become a mechanic in Germany. When I finished, I decided to get a job that allowed me to travel, to get to know the world, and thus fulfill my dream of being a world traveler…

My professional career began at a company called Schuler, a company that afforded me the opportunity to work abroad. When I was offered a role in Mexico I accepted right away as I had always loved the country.
I have now lived in Mexico for 12 years and it was here that I met the love of my life,Leech, who is now my wife… A slender brunette woman with beautiful eyes and a charming smile…

At age 18 I realized that water sports were my passion, above all, surfing. In my spare time I’d always go to Germany’s lakes and wait for the northern winds so I could windsurf. it’s an incredible feeling, soaring across the cold water to the rhythm of the waves…

At one point I was staying with a friend at our favorite lake shore, and we were talking nonstop about how we wanted our future to be. I started to think about people’s “normal” life. You know, go to school, work until you’re old and die knowing only what surrounds you; going on vacation to the same places, with the same people year after year, and be content with just a tiny part of the planet. Just thinking about this created a feeling of frustration in me; I wanted more than the “normal” life everyone is raised for. This is how the idea of buying a sailboat and touring around the world was born.

Why a sailboat? Because some of the world’s paradises don’t have roads, but I still wanted to experience them.

Over the years my friend went in a different direction, and finally he was perhaps looking for the “normal” life everyone has. On the other hand, I never lost my course, my dream. I knew I had to work hard to achieve it. Nothing is easy or comes free in this life, but nothing is impossible, either. So I made a commitment to myself to work until age 46 and save everything I could to buy a boat and go to sail the seven seas. I knew I was alone in this, and I thought that if necessary, I would sail around the world alone.

It didn’t much matter to me, but in 2013 life surprised me with a beautiful gift… I met Leech. We realized our dreams matched for the plans we had in our lives, and that’s how we started to plan everything for our journey.


A coast girl inside and out…
 I was born in the beautiful and warm harbor of Acapulco, Mexico, on August 24, 1983.
 I’ve always stood out for being a nomad, traveling to different places in my beautiful Mexico, most of the time to beaches because my first love is the sea…

I’m a lover of art, design and creativity, that’s why I studied graphic and interior design and also to be a makeup artist, which allowed me to be a professional with a wider perspective. I’m into fashion, I love dressing well, and beauty. I’ve always believed that a woman can be delicate, intelligent, a mother, beautiful, and look stylish, and this does not go against nor is more important than the inner beauty of any woman. It even makes them stand out…

I love water sports. Water, the giver of life, is my element. The sun and the sea make my heart burn. They make my mood change; they fulfill me and make me happy. I love to feel that connection with nature and be able to perceive that sensation of freedom in the sea.
Humans are curious by nature, therefore I don’t believe they should settle to live their lives in just one place… Carrying with us the conventional way of life we’re all taught to live since we’re kids… I didn’t want that life for me – I wanted to discover new and exciting things.

I was raised in Acapulco until I was 18 years old. After that I moved to Puebla for my bachelor’s degree at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP). After graduation I decided not to go back to Acapulco, and that’s how I started to live in different places of Mexico.

All my life I wanted to travel around the world but I never knew how I was going to do it. When I was 30 years old I met Stefan, a man with a kid’s adventurous soul and kindness that immediately won my heart. After dating for a while, he shared with me his dream of traveling around the world on a boat… I just told him: take me with you! Together and in love, we created our life plan, the perfect one, to fulfill our dream…
Everyone says we’re crazy, but we stand firm and nothing will make us change our minds. Life is too short and sometimes vulnerable, that’s why we want to make the most of it, taste its flavors, enjoy it to the fullest. Getting to know other seas, other lands, speaking other languages, try exotic foods, and most of all share with people and appreciate other cultures.

We’re ready and set, we have our boat and it will take us through the magic waters of our dreams… Its name: Soulmate!

I want the pages of our life book to be filled with experiences, so when the time comes for me to leave this world, when God decides… I can say: Thank you, life!!! I had fun!!! We had fun!!!

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